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Friendly Village Charm Awaits

... Within Footsteps of Brandon


The History of the Village of Chater and Surrounding Area

The Manitoba Historic Sites In Chater

The Chater Church


Although not designated as a Manitoba Historic Site, Chater's United Church existed from 1925 to 1971. Its predecessor was a Local Union formed in 1922 between Chater Methodist Church and the Chater Presbyterian Church. The Chater Methodist Church, completed in 1900, then continued to be used as the Chater United Church.


This Church closed in 1971 and the building has now become the Chater community centre.



Association for Manitoba Archives

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The Chater Pioneers Monument


This Manitoba Historic Site's monument has been erected beside the historic church in Chater commemorating the early settlers to this area who, in 1881, established this community.



Manitoba Historical Society - Manitoba Historic Sites         The Chater Pioneers Monument


The Chater Cemetery


The Chater Cemetery was established in 1914 and has been declared a Manitoba Historic Site.



Manitoba Historical Society - Manitoba Historic Sites

The Chater Cemetery

Chater School No. 181 


The Chater School District was formally established in July 1884, in the Rural Municipality of Cornwallis, with a school building erected in the northeast quarter of 27-10-18 west of the Principal Meridian. It closed in January 1959 and remaining students went to Elton Municipal School No. 2360.


To see a photo of the school:



  Manitoba Historical Society - Manitoba Historic Sites

  Chater School No. 181 (Chater, RM of Cornwallis)

Some Interesting History Of The Area


The Wonder Cow


The Carbon Chronicle – February 1, 1953

This is a story about Wesley Smyth, a farmer who lived just south of Chater. He made the news after his twenty year old milk cow, Sunbeam, gave birth to her sixteenth calf and was still almost producing as much milk as a cow half her age. This was an amazing feat for even the best milk cows who usually outlived their productivity at about fourteen years.


To see a photo and read more about the Wonder Cow:



  University of Alberta - Peel's Prairie Provinces


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